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Enhancing efficiency through unrivaled weather data quality

Explore our unique weather data which is the foundation upon which highly accurate forecasts, critical insights, and informed decisions are built.

Data quality is key in any industry, but even more so in the fast-paced offshore- and shipping industry. At Weathernews, we understand the importance of immediate access to data and it is critical to making informed decisions.

Thanks to our extensive integrations with industry-leading partner solutions, you gain access to high-value, business-critical data, transforming your ability to track, manage and report on your maritime operations.

Our weather data is the foundation upon which accurate forecasts, critical insights, and informed decisions are built.

We have the world's largest database of weather, marine and land-based phenomena. This extensive database, combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, enables us to provide high-resolution weather data with unmatched accuracy.

We have established a robust observational infrastructure, communication networks and data processing. Our patented Original Weather Numerator (OWN) model ensures highly accurate forecasts at unique intervals.

We are committed to delivering accuracy, reliability and data quality, supporting a variety of industries, from optimizing maritime operations to improving energy efficiency and more.

High-resolution accuracy

Benefit from our high-resolution weather data, derived from the world's largest database, to access accurate and granular weather information that improves your decision-making processes.

Data-driven efficiency

Experience greater operational efficiency by leveraging our high-resolution weather data, tailored to your unique industry requirements, to optimize processes and resource allocation.

Risk mitigation support

Use our extensive weather data to proactively identify and mitigate risks, enabling you to safeguard your assets, ensure safety and maintain continuity in the event of changing weather conditions.
Our expertise relies on the grand master database, generating highly detailed forecasts at 0.125° resolution.

This coupled with our machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques improve forecasts to meet optimized operational demands.

One of our cutting-edge innovations is probabilistic forecasting, which addresses the impacts of climate change. In the face of increasing extreme weather events and wave energy, we perform quantitative analysis of climate change risks, employing advanced extreme event forecasting methods and use state-of-the-art visualization to proactively manage risks.

In an era of increasing climate uncertainties, our solutions facilitate informed decision-making and adaptation.

Proprietary Forecast Models

Our forecasting models, including Grand MASTER and EMOTION, provide comprehensive predictions of weather and sea conditions. Encompassing wind, waves, pressure, and fronts, these models facilitate optimal voyage planning, safety, and voyage performance auditing.

Ocean Currents

Rely on our precise ocean current forecasts, powered by HYCOM, to enhance maritime operations. While subtle differences may exist between weather and ocean current forecasts, our dedication to accuracy remains steadfast.

Tidal Insights

Explore our tidal current forecasts, relying on the TPXO simulation system, delivering precise information for regions significantly affected by tidal currents.

Ice Forecasting

Experience the I-SEE Engine, providing sea-ice forecasts through advanced models and satellite data, ensuring safety and planning in ice-prone regions.

Tropical Cyclone Alerts

Count on our Global Storm Center for comprehensive tropical cyclone monitoring and forecasts, minimizing forecast disparities and delivering vital planning information.

Our Proprietary Observation Network
We have our own observation network with global coverage. This proprietary Weathernews infrastructure includes satellites, radars, sensors, cameras and surveillance systems strategically deployed around the globe that provide us with real-time data on essential meteorological elements.
Discover our infrastructure

Human expertise

Data needs human understanding to provide the exact value needed at all times. Weathernews has a global network of weather experts to suit you.

Data quality

Explore our unique weather data which is the foundation upon which highly accurate forecasts, critical insights, and informed decisions are built.


Weathernews integrates satellite systems, radars and sensors to provide valuable weather information and accurate data quality across the world.


Weathernews makes your day-to-day work easier through integrations with leading maritime-tech software.