The all-in-one platform solution to optimize your maritime operations


The one-stop platform to enhance your offshore wind operations

Smart SeaMap

Interactive weather- and vessel intelligence map

The best sea solutions for Shipping & Offshore energy

Reduce weather risks and drive profitability within shipping and offshore energy through exceptional forecast accuracy and pioneering sea solutions platforms.

Weathernews is the world's largest private weather service provider, delivering informative, accurate and critical 24/7 weather forecasts to businesses around the world. Thanks to our teams of weather experts and innovative data-driven solutions, we help you solve the most challenging problems facing your business today.

Interactive weather- and vessel intelligence map

Explore the impact of real-time weather data on your business's success through our interactive map. This map provides dynamic insights into worldwide weather conditions, encompassing vessel tracking (AIS), wave patterns, currents, wind dynamics, and cyclone forecasts. It visually represents the depth of our data, contributing to a better understanding of how weather-related elements may affect your business operations.

SeaNavigator platform
The best software to optimize shipping operations
An all-in-one platform solution that makes maritime operations more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable.


Monitor your fleet worldwide and access to high-resolution weather data for 1,900+ ports, enabling real-time hazard visualization and informed decision-making.


Optimize voyage planning for better efficiency and improve your CII ranking. Align your priorities with real-time insights and enhance informed decision-making by seamlessly integrating historical data, weather- and current factors.


Enhance maritime operational efficiency


Maximize fleet performance with comprehensive insights, including emission management, route recommendations, and performance data, for informed strategic decisions and operational excellence.

ANEMOI platform
The most trusted platform for offshore wind operations
The all-in-one weather platform designed to support offshore operations worldwide, offering deterministic and probabilistic insights, risk indicators, and exceedance probability forecasts, enabling well-informed decision-making and operational excellence for offshore wind facility management.

Enhanced communication and safety

Empower seamless access to crucial information for all stakeholders in one central platform. ANEMOI simplifies decision-making, fostering enhanced communication and safety within offshore wind operations.

Accurate forecasting and evaluation of uncertainties

Integrated with our proprietary forecasting model, ANEMOI generates high-resolution meteorological forecasts. Recognizing the inherent uncertainty in forecasting, we blend deterministic predictions with probabilistic data, to support a comprehensive understanding of weather condition developments.

Improved user experience

ANEMOI's modules feature personalized thresholds, enabling users to gauge the specific risks and opportunities that warrant attention for proactive decision-making. With an exceptionally user-friendly interface, finding essential information is effortless and timely.

“Optimizing fleet performance while enhancing safety, efficiency and environmental responsiveness is key to ensuring successful and profitable operations; Weathernews' technology helps us get there.”

Helge Røttingen

Performance Manager, Saga Welco

“Over the years, Weathernews has tailored platforms for our needs, optimizing voyage performance, monitoring CII ratings, and enhancing fuel efficiency. Their educated team ensures high standards.”

Captain Ahmet Gider

Operations Manager, Transoba Shipping

“Weathernews' services provide a quick overview of vessels' CII/environmental status, enabling proactive projections for informed commercial decisions when considering new employment for our fleet vessels.”

Captain Stelios Dimopoulos

Operations Manager, Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises

“Thank you for your great weather forecast during this project we have experienced a lot of unworkable weather and your forecast was always spot on, which allowed us to plan all operations and portcalls efficiently without any extra delay.”

Michael Brouwer

Offshore Construction Manager, Van Oord

“Everything was okay with the service. Quick reactions, despite all changes from us, and forecasts were well within measurements.”

Jaap Jan van Senden

R&D Engineer, Allseas

“Your weather amendment is highly appreciated, we had the time to put the vessel in a safe position, away from the platform.”

Captain Marco Conti

Project Manager, Micoperi