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ANEMOI platform

Optimize your offshore wind operations

The all-in-one weather platform designed to support your offshore wind operations with precision and ease of use.

We offer a complete meteorological software suite to ensure safe and efficient management of offshore wind installations around the world.

Weathernews ANEMOI uses modules that combine deterministic and probabilistic data to reduce uncertainty in decision making during the planning, installation and maintenance of your offshore wind installations.

In addition, it goes beyond conventional weather data by integrating risk indicators such as lightning and tropical cyclones, providing a complete picture of potential hazards and improving the understanding of the probability of various meteorological phenomena.

What are the benefits of using ANEMOI for your offshore wind operations?
Enhanced safety & communication

Facilitate access to crucial information for all stakeholders one one central platform.

High-resolution forecasts

We merge deterministic forecasts and probabilistic data to provide high-resolution meteorological forecasts, ensuring reliable decision-making

Highly customizable

ANEMOI modules feature customized thresholds that allow you to measure relevant risks and opportunities for proactive decision making.

Improved user experience

A user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and easily access important information.

Harness data’s potential

Easily integrate your on-site measurements into ANEMOI to monitor real-time status. Increase accuracy by comparing and refining weather forecasts.

Strategic work planning

Contractors and power companies can utilize ANEMOI information to schedule work plans from a few days to 14 days in advance, optimizing resource allocation.

ANEMOI goes beyond being a mere tool; it's a crucial asset, empowering you to optimize and elevate your offshore wind operations seamlessly and efficiently.
Our forecast model
A globally unique model for high-resolution forecasts
Facilitate access to crucial information for all stakeholders on a central platform. Simplifying decision making and improving communication and security.
How does our model work
Feasibility Investigation
Explore historical information, get access to trends and use them to your advantage
Weathernews offers the world's most extensive, high-quality meteorological database, providing historical insights for preliminary exploration of weather conditions. Whether you're researching auction opportunities or evaluating future job locations, you can obtain information on historical weather trends, observed conditions and working days.
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Elevate organizational excellence with our forecasts

Feasibility investigation support is vital to address challenges in the early stages of offshore projects, such as preparing auctions, assessing the suitability of a new site or planning the start of operations. This service provides a comprehensive analysis of historical weather data, revealing previous conditions, trends and appropriate days to operate using a powerful meteorological forecast model.

At Weathernews, we understand the importance of weather conditions to your offshore projects. Our extensive weather database is the foundation of our feasibility investigation support, providing you with detailed historical insights.

This data-driven approach allows you to assess the feasibility of your operations by considering historical weather conditions and potential constraints. Through this, you can determine the optimal window for offshore operations as well as potential climate challenges. Using these insights, you can allocate resources more efficiently, anticipate obstacles and improve overall project execution.

Project planning
Ensure consistency in your operations based on weather condition insights
With Weathernews project planning support, you can design efficient strategies to manage timelines, costs and resources for your offshore wind projects. This allows you to anticipate operations over months across multiple locations, effectively aligning your budgets and schedules thanks to a prior understanding of site-specific weather conditions.
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Offshore wind projects will be developed within budget, on schedule and to safety and personnel management standards if weather conditions are well understood.

Effective planning in offshore projects requires detailed preparation. Using the ANEMOI platform, you can address the complexities of the crucial project planning phase. Whether planning resources, calculating costs or coordinating contractual conditions, this tool provides extremely useful insights for optimal accuracy. By gaining a deep understanding of current, and historical, weather conditions, you can anticipate how operations will unfold during the months when your team will be in different locations.

At Weathernews, we understand the importance of anticipating operational scenarios for effective budgeting and scheduling. Our project planning support allows you to align your strategies with site-specific conditions, contributing to higher efficiency and informed resource allocation. This enables you to make proactive decisions by anticipating potential challenges and opportunities in your offshore operations.

Construction & Logistics
Make weather-informed decisions for construction and logistics operations
Utilize historical weather data and industry leading forecasts to manage offshore logistics challenges . Minimize risk, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase stakeholder satisfaction, combined with highly accurate forecasts and expert support from Weathernews.
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Tackle offshore construction and logistics challenges, leveraging historical weather insights and site-specific forecasts, with 24/7 advice and alerts to optimize your operations and mitigate risk.

In the context of offshore construction and logistics, addressing challenges such as safety, labor shortages, delays and supply chain instability is essential due to the sensitive nature of these operations. With ANEMOI, you can address these challenges head-on. While historical weather data provides a solid basis for understanding local weather conditions, accurate site-specific forecasts are vital for anticipating impending conditions.

Benefit from expert guidance by our team of meteorologists, available 24/7, and customized alerts, addressing safety and supply chain stability. Our construction and logistics support provides you with the tools you need to optimize your offshore energy operations. With ANEMOI as your partner, you are prepared to meet the challenges in these phases, making informed decisions and mitigating risks more effectively.

Operation & Maintenance
Efficiently schedule operational, inspection, and maintenance tasks within the optimal weather window
Ensure better collaboration between operational and maintenance teams with accurate weather insights to align weather power predictions with market demand and storage management. Optimize operational schedules and maintenance windows based on accurate weather data, minimizing operational disruptions and improving maintenance efficiency.
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Enhance wind energy efficiency by coordinating inspection and maintenance tasks with weather conditions insights to optimize power forecasting and schedule operations in the optimal weather window

As your offshore wind farm becomes fully operational, effective coordination between operations and maintenance teams becomes increasingly important. Seamless communication and access to accurate weather insights are critical factors to align power forecasts with market demand and schedule maintenance in optimal weather windows.

ANEMOI enables you to make informed decisions and ensure that maintenance tasks are performed in ideal weather conditions, minimizing disruptions and maximizing operational efficiency.

“Thank you for your great weather forecast during this project we have experienced a lot of unworkable weather and your forecast was always spot on, which allowed us to plan all operations and portcalls efficiently without any extra delay.”

Michael Brouwer

Offshore Construction Manager, Van Oord

“Everything was okay with the service. Quick reactions, despite all changes from us, and forecasts were well within measurements.”

Jaap Jan van Senden

R&D Engineer, Allseas

“Your weather amendment is highly appreciated, we had the time to put the vessel in a safe position, away from the platform.”

Captain Marco Conti

Project Manager, Micoperi

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