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Unique weather-driven data insights to grow your business

Weathernews emphasize safety, risk mitigation, environmental protection, and deliver high-quality weather data for informed decisions and business optimization.

With a rich legacy of pioneering weather intelligence solutions, we empower you to make precise decisions that help you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and stay competitive in a changing world.

We achieve this by combining high-quality observation data, expert human knowledge, innovative digital solutions, and real-time business insights to provide accurate information that helps you optimize your operations at sea.

Human expertise

Our in-house meteorologists, voyage planners and voyage audit support are available 24/7 – 365.

87% Forecast Accuracy

Benefit from our best-in-class weather models and high-resolution observation data to provide you with the most accurate weather forecasts.

Data insights & digital solutions

Effortlessly access industry partner data through our numerous API integrations.

High ROI

Drive greater returns with Weathernews’s ROI-focused approach.


Weathernews was established to ensure the safety of seafarers and SAFETY will always be our core value, in alignment with our philosophy to “help out in times of need”.

CO₂ reduction

Every year we help to save the environment and our customers 2.8 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Trusted route recommendations

We are supporting safe and profitable voyages for +10,000 commercial vessels around the world by analyzing 11,000 daily reports using our proprietary AI engine

Decades of expertise

With +40 years of unique weather and industry-leading insights at our disposal, we offer a truly unparalleled level of expertise.

Worldwide network

With +1,000 staff members worldwide, our ambition is to be the weather information exchange platform for 7.7 billion people.

Innovative probabilistic forecasting

Supporting companies to proactively adapt to climate change by accurately predicting extreme weather events and mitigating operational risks.

Seamless integrations

Our cutting-edge platform, Sea Navigator, is built on an open architecture, ensuring smooth and effortless data integration with other systems.

Strategic alliances

We thrive on collaboration, actively seeking partnerships across diverse sectors to drive innovation.

Weathernews' holistic approach ensures that our clients increase profitability, reduce environmental impact, and minimize safety risks.
Technology elevated with human knowledge

We strongly believe in harnessing the synergy of AI technology and the rich insights of Human Intelligence (HITL) to provide comprehensive solutions. Our unique approach prioritizes the critical role of human expertise, ensuring that you benefit from the best of both worlds.

Explore how our local teams, strategically positioned worldwide, contribute to our collective expertise. This distinctive blend of global reach, pioneering solutions, and localized insight sets Weathernews apart in the field of weather intelligence. Discover the advantages your business can gain from our human expertise and distinctive approach.

Our human expertise
Unrivaled weather data quality

Data quality is fundamental to our services at Weathernews. In today's ever-changing environment, we understand the crucial significance of accurate, reliable and validated data. By integrating data in the right way, we ensure that decision-makers have seamless access to valuable data. The weather data we provide is high-resolution and precise, thanks to our extensive database and cutting-edge AI technology.

Expanding on our commitment, we address climate change through probabilistic forecasting, ensuring the precision of our data-driven insights and forecasts. We specialize in customized meteorological solutions, optimizing efficiency and risk management. Our comprehensive models cover essential factors, from ocean currents to tropical cyclones, providing reliable, data-driven insights and forecasts. Explore how our dedication to data quality can enhance your operations.

Our data quality
Our proprietary global observation network

Weathernews' meteorological excellence is built upon our extensive infrastructure network, meticulously developed over the years. This comprehensive infrastructure includes observation mechanisms, communication networks, and advanced data processing capabilities. In addition, we operate our proprietary satellite, WNISAT-1R, in orbit.

This unique satellite uses optical cameras to capture real-time imagery of critical meteorological phenomena like sea ice, tropical cyclones, and volcanic ash clouds. What sets it apart is its ability to provide three-dimensional insights, including cloud heights and volcanic ash cloud altitudes. Combined with our comprehensive data infrastructure, it forms the foundation of our precise and reliable weather intelligence

Our infrastructure
Get more value with our integrations

Weathernews is dedicated to enhancing efficiency in the shipping industry, addressing tight schedules, escalating costs, and complex systems. Our approach prioritizes collaboration and innovation, seamlessly connecting systems and data through APIs and partner solutions.

These integrations offer real-time visibility into operations, market dynamics, and changing weather conditions, reducing manual data duplication and enhancing efficiency. We simplify data access and system integration, providing precise weather insights.

Collaborations with industry leaders reinforce our commitment to sustainable shipping and data-driven solutions. Discover how our partnership integrations can streamline your maritime operations and improve decision-making.

Our integrations