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SeaNavigator Claims Support

Unbiased & Efficient Settlements

Our claims support offers quick and fair solutions, preventing costly disagreements and facilitating efficient communication to assist ship owners & charterers.

Quick, fair, and trusted claims support

Performance disputes have the potential to cause tremendous strife between contracting parties, require many hours of discussion and negotiation between parties, and have led to many millions of dollars in legal fees over the years.

Drawing from extensive experience, we've witnessed how performance-related conflicts can sour relationships between owners and charterers. Weathernews is uniquely positioned to assist both parties in performance assessment and dispute resolution, offering valuable support in avoiding costly disagreements. We collaborate with both ship owners and charterers, delivering tailored solutions to address their distinct needs.

How our trusted claims expertise can help you with performance disputes?
Live insights

Monitor bunker usage and time lost in real time, while estimating bunker over/under consumption with accuracy.

Quick reporting

Receive swift performance reports as soon as you arrive, ensuring prompt decision-making.

Unbiased reliability

Rely on accurate, objective reports backed by meticulous weather analysis and arbitration standards.

Products & Service Auditing Support

At Weathernews, we offer a holistic approach to performance assessment, ensuring you have the data and insights you need, not just after the voyage, but throughout the entire journey.

Performance assessment

Understanding vessel performance isn't just about post-voyage analysis; it's about continuous insights throughout the journey.

At Weathernews, we provide comprehensive products to evaluate vessel performance both during and after voyages.

Insights during the voyage

  • Real-time ship speed and consumption monitoring.
  • Ongoing assessment with Good Weather Analysis.
  • Objective analysis of encountered weather and sea conditions.
  • Preliminary Auditing Report.
  • ETA & consumption monitoring compared to voyage estimates.

Pre/Post voyage evaluation

  • Confirmed Auditing Report.
  • In-depth weather analysis, comparing Master reports, independent nearby ship reports, independent government satellite reports, and Weathernews unique weather analysis with verifiable accuracies.
  • Auditing Q & A for additional insights and clarification on our reports.
Auditing Support Methodology

In maritime charter party agreements, vessels are typically warranted to perform at specific speeds and consumption rates under good weather conditions. This warranty becomes effective when these favorable conditions are met. Our auditing methodology aligns with English Case Law, which allows us to assess a vessel's performance in ideal weather conditions and then extrapolate this assessment to evaluate the vessel's overall voyage performance.

Under the common law system, legal decisions of higher courts set precedents binding all lower courts. Arbitration tribunals, at the lower end of this legal hierarchy, must apply the principles established by higher English Law courts. This ensures a consistent and legally sound approach to our auditing support.

Charter Party

At Weathernews, we recognize that vague charter party terminology often leads to disputes within the maritime industry. We have witnessed countless disagreements arising from ambiguous terms, particularly the inclusion of the Douglas Sea Scales in charter party agreements.

Drawing from our extensive experience in inspecting thousands of charter party agreements, we advocate for clearer terms to prevent disputes. To this end, we have proposed a Speed and Consumption Clause that defines good weather, performance measurements, and dispute resolution. This clause, aligned with the Good Weather Method from English Case Law, offers objectivity, guidance in disputes, and adaptability for parties' needs.

We believe it will significantly reduce disputes related to good weather interpretation, performance assessment, and voyage damage/savings calculations.


Get comprehensive fleet status insights and safeguard your vessels from unforeseen risks.


Optimize your voyage planning, enhance CII ranking, aligned with real-time insights for more efficient operations.


Enhance fleet schedule, monitor voyages with live data for better precision in maritime operations.


Maximize the performance of your fleet using insights: emissions, routes, operations for smarter and more strategic decisions.

“Optimizing fleet performance while enhancing safety, efficiency and environmental responsiveness is key to ensuring successful and profitable operations; Weathernews' technology helps us get there.”

Helge Røttingen

Performance Manager, Saga Welco

“Over the years, Weathernews has tailored platforms for our needs, optimizing voyage performance, monitoring CII ratings, and enhancing fuel efficiency. Their educated team ensures high standards.”

Captain Ahmet Gider

Operations Manager, Transoba Shipping

“Weathernews' services provide a quick overview of vessels' CII/environmental status, enabling proactive projections for informed commercial decisions when considering new employment for our fleet vessels.”

Captain Stelios Dimopoulos

Operations Manager, Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises

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