The all-in-one platform solution to optimize your maritime operations


The one-stop platform to enhance your offshore wind operations

Smart SeaMap

Interactive weather- and vessel intelligence map

SeaNavigator Outlook

Detailed view of your entire fleet

The SeaNavigator module to monitor your fleet, visualize weather risks and receive real-time insights to make informed decisions & improve port entry.

Enhance your maritime operations with detailed & worldwide fleet information

In the maritime industry, global fleet management poses various challenges. SeaNavigator Outlook allows you to seamlessly track your fleet through an interactive map, providing real-time positions and industry-leading high-resolution weather data. Access forecasts for more than 1,900 ports providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions and effectively manage port entry operations. Additionally, this module helps you navigate potential dangers such as heavy weather, visibility, sea ice and piracy, allowing you to proactively address risks.
The features of this module are not limited to insights, but extend to safety. It incorporates alert systems that quickly inform you when certain thresholds are reached. These thresholds, meticulously designed with safety in mind, trigger timely notifications. This way, you can take immediate preventive measures.
How SeaNavigator can improve your maritime operations?
Global fleet monitoring

Track your fleet worldwide, accessing high-resolution weather data and forecasts for 1,900+ ports.

Real-time insights

Receive alerts on weather hazards, ensuring proactive decision-making for safer voyages.

Improved port entry

Detailed port forecasts help you plan your port entry more efficiently.

Streamlined operations

Seamlessly manage fleet positions and conditions on an interactive map.

Weather risk management

Be prepared for heavy weather, visibility, sea ice, and piracy risks.

Fleet Status Monitoring

Enhance maritime operations with fleet status monitoring. Utilize the interactive map with high-granularity weather insights. Access port information and port-specific forecasts, essential for safety-focused planning.

Stay ahead with real-time weather risk alerts and benefit from safety thresholds for a variety of weather conditions.

Integrate detailed insights for informed decision making and maritime route optimization, improving the operational efficiency of your fleet.


Get comprehensive fleet status insights and safeguard your vessels from unforeseen risks.


Optimize your voyage planning, enhance CII ranking, aligned with real-time insights for more efficient operations.


Enhance fleet schedule, monitor voyages with live data for better precision in maritime operations.


Maximize the performance of your fleet using insights: emissions, routes, operations for smarter and more strategic decisions.

“Optimizing fleet performance while enhancing safety, efficiency and environmental responsiveness is key to ensuring successful and profitable operations; Weathernews' technology helps us get there.”

Helge Røttingen

Performance Manager, Saga Welco

“Over the years, Weathernews has tailored platforms for our needs, optimizing voyage performance, monitoring CII ratings, and enhancing fuel efficiency. Their educated team ensures high standards.”

Captain Ahmet Gider

Operations Manager, Transoba Shipping

“Weathernews' services provide a quick overview of vessels' CII/environmental status, enabling proactive projections for informed commercial decisions when considering new employment for our fleet vessels.”

Captain Stelios Dimopoulos

Operations Manager, Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises

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