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The one-stop platform to enhance your offshore wind operations

Smart SeaMap

Interactive weather- and vessel intelligence map

SeaNavigator Planning

Plan your voyages with maximum efficiency

Enhance CII ranking, optimize routes with Weathernews historical data, and factor in weather and currents for thorough budget planning and higher efficiency.

Precise planning with forward-thinking estimations

Optimizing maritime operations requires meticulous preparation and forethought. The tools in the SeaNavigator Planning module allow you to optimize vessel performance, maximize efficiency and align your operations with environmental and financial objectives. By seamlessly integrating these tools into your operation strategies, you will ensure that your operations are not only efficient, but also forward-thinking and more environmentally conscious.
How SeaNavigator can enhance your decision making?
Emissions management

The CII Vessel Simulator empowers emissions reduction strategies with CO₂-to-distance insights.

Route optimization

The Voyage Planner generates a realistic estimated route distance, along with weather and current factors.

Budget planning

Sea Margin Calculator factors in weather conditions, enhancing budget accuracy.

Data-driven decisions

Make smarter decisions using Weathernews unique historical fleet and weather data for route optimization.

Efficient trading patterns

Achieve your environmental KPIs by tailoring vessel actions to emission targets.

Vessel CII Simulator

Improve your fleet management with our CII Simulator by calculating CO₂ emissions over distance, facilitating compliance with environmental regulations.

Simply enter vessel performance data to obtain simulation results that guide your decisions on trading patterns. This enables you to achieve targeted CII ranking and support your emission reduction objectives.

Improve your planning strategies with data-driven insights, optimizing the sustainability and efficiency of your operations.

Voyage Planner

This tool provides optimal route suggestions, beyond the norms of traditional weather routing by tapping into Weathernews' distinctive and industry-leading historical seasonal route data.

Make informed decisions to reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes and ensure efficient voyage planning.

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging data-backed route recommendations for cost-effective and sustainable maritime operations

Sea Margin Calculator

Fine-tune voyage estimates by using our 1.5 Million Voyage Database. Analyze weather current factors affecting time and fuel consumption, ensuring precise budget allocation Planned upgrades include seamless integration with Voyage Management Systems (VMS) for future data flow. You will be able to make well-informed decisions by calculating sea margins, reducing risks and optimizing your financial planning.


Get comprehensive fleet status insights and safeguard your vessels from unforeseen risks.


Optimize your voyage planning, enhance CII ranking, aligned with real-time insights for more efficient operations.


Enhance fleet schedule, monitor voyages with live data for better precision in maritime operations.


Maximize the performance of your fleet using insights: emissions, routes, operations for smarter and more strategic decisions.

“Optimizing fleet performance while enhancing safety, efficiency and environmental responsiveness is key to ensuring successful and profitable operations; Weathernews' technology helps us get there.”

Helge Røttingen

Performance Manager, Saga Welco

“Over the years, Weathernews has tailored platforms for our needs, optimizing voyage performance, monitoring CII ratings, and enhancing fuel efficiency. Their educated team ensures high standards.”

Captain Ahmet Gider

Operations Manager, Transoba Shipping

“Weathernews' services provide a quick overview of vessels' CII/environmental status, enabling proactive projections for informed commercial decisions when considering new employment for our fleet vessels.”

Captain Stelios Dimopoulos

Operations Manager, Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises

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