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Weathernews makes your day-to-day work easier through integrations with leading maritime-tech software. Through synergy and shared purpose.

Managing various systems from different service providers can be a time-consuming challenge. Weathernews' integrations offer swift access to weather data directly within your current software application. This streamlined approach to accessing, sharing, and utilizing weather data across existing systems reduces the number of software utilized and enhances your efficiency.

We make our data accessible to our partners, enabling them to offer smarter services, achieving sustainable maritime operations, maximizing performance and minimizing environmental impact.

This collaborative solution merges vessel performance analytics and weather routing, creating a powerful service with accurate and sophisticated ship models.


The VPS software platform plays a crucial role in our integrated services. It continuously records performance data from key ship components, including the hull, propellers, main and auxiliary engines, and boilers.

This data is seamlessly integrated into Weathernews' voyage optimization services, providing real-time insights into crucial parameters such as speed, RPM, and fuel consumption.

By incorporating VPS data, our voyage optimization service system provides ship operators a significantly expanded dataset, enabling them to make well-informed routing decisions. This translates to lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and improved safety. All key factors in optimizing maritime operations for efficiency and sustainability.

Enhance navigational safety and support decarbonization with Weathernews' weather data integrated into Wärtsilä’s solutions.


Through our strategic partnership with Wärtsilä, Weathernews' advanced forecasting models are seamlessly integrated into Wärtsilä's Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) service. FOS service is designed to automatically optimize a ship's route by providing up-to-the-minute voyage data, ensuring that both onboard and shore-based personnel have access to the latest information.

The inclusion of Weathernews' state-of-the-art weather data further enhances FOS's capabilities. By leveraging our frequent weather updates, FOS becomes even more effective in enhancing navigational safety, reducing fuel consumption, and optimizing voyage legs. This integration exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and sustainability within the maritime industry

Integrate Weathernews' Optimum Ship Routing service into Navtor's NavStation for informed decision-making, fostering business-wide improvements through extensive data sharing


The partnership with Navtor, a leading provider of advanced e-Navigation solutions for global fleets, offers an integrated experience. Within their digital chart table NavStation, Weathernews' Optimum Ship Routing service (OSR) and advanced weather services seamlessly complement Navtor's ecosystem.

This integration facilitates extensive data sharing between vessels, fleets, and managers onshore. With OSR now accessible through NavStation and Navtor's connected e-Navigation ecosystem, companies gain valuable insights into optimal routes, fuel savings, and business-wide improvements. By leveraging this comprehensive data, organizations can make informed decisions that enhance efficiency and sustainability across their operations.

Merge Weathernews' historical routes with Dataloy's Voyage Management System for streamlined access, reduced errors, increased efficiency, and enhanced voyage quality.


This integration merges Weathernews' historical sea routes and sea margins with Dataloy's Voyage Management System (VMS), ensuring streamlined access to vital data. It aims for error reduction, increased efficiency, and enhanced voyage quality, marking a significant stride in effective voyage management.

Joint customer are empowered to seamlessly integrate Weathernews' weather data into their VMS, enhancing pre-fixture planning, budgeting, and decision-making. Within Dataloy's VMS, users access decades of vessel employment records, offering a foundation for informed commercial decisions.

Our Sedna integration enhances joint customers' ETA comparisons and alerts within Sedna, offering deep-dive options into the Sea Navigator Platform.


Our partnership with communication platform provider Sedna is designed to deliver significant benefits to our shared customers. Through this collaboration, we provide up-to-date Optimum Ship Routing (OSR) data within the Sedna platform, enabling operators to easily compare our latest Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) with the information received from their Master via email.

This integration extends beyond OSR data, encompassing essential alerts and weather intelligence insights from Weathernews. These valuable updates are readily accessible to operators without the need to access our Sea Navigator Platform separately. However, for those who seek a more comprehensive analysis, a simple click within our integration on the SEDNA platform allows for effortless access to our platform, facilitating deeper insights and informed decision-making

Increase value for mutual customer through strategic collaboration

Human expertise

Data needs human understanding to provide the exact value needed at all times. Weathernews has a global network of weather experts to suit you.

Data quality

Explore our unique weather data which is the foundation upon which highly accurate forecasts, critical insights, and informed decisions are built.


Weathernews integrates satellite systems, radars and sensors to provide valuable weather information and accurate data quality across the world.


Weathernews makes your day-to-day work easier through integrations with leading maritime-tech software.