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A proprietary global observation network

Weathernews integrates satellite systems, radars and sensors to provide valuable weather information and accurate data quality across the world.

Utilizing our proprietary infrastructure network strategically deployed worldwide, we integrate satellite systems, radars, sensors, and specialized tsunami detection for real-time weather data. This unique observation network ensures data quality, enabling us to provide accurate information for diverse industries.

We submit all this observational data, which is free of charge for researchers and students, to our industry-leading database for digital analysis and supplement it with historical and real-time data from all our customers.

Strategically positioned radars for enhanced weather monitoring


Weather radars

Weather radar technology is indispensable in meteorology, aiding in weather forecasting and monitoring. It utilizes radio waves to detect precipitation types, including rain, snow, and hail, and can identify severe weather phenomena like tornadoes. By analyzing radar signals, meteorologists, at Weathernews, determine intensity, location, and movement of precipitation, enhancing public safety through early warning systems.

Our pioneering weather radar technology exemplify radar's significance, performing rapid scans and delivering real-time data on precipitation, storm movement, and cloud development. One of our radar solutions employs advanced aviation Doppler radar technology, while another radar solution detects tsunamis minutes before landfall, making them cutting-edge assets in modern meteorology and disaster prevention.

Our advanced satellites revolutionize weather forecasting and climate research


Weather satellites

Weather satellites are crucial for monitoring Earth's atmosphere and oceans, providing vital data on meteorological parameters like cloud cover, temperature, humidity, and sea ice extent.

These observations refine weather forecasts, aid climate research, and enhance disaster preparedness. Weather satellites significantly boost prediction accuracy, particularly in monitoring sea ice, vital for understanding climate dynamics and polar region impacts.

Our advanced WNISAT-1R satellite augments precise meteorological insights. It delivers precise data on sea ice, tropical cyclones, and volcanic ash clouds, playing a pivotal role in providing comprehensive real-time meteorological insights. These insights benefit various sectors, enhancing decision-making processes and supporting disaster management.

Strengthening meteorological insights with advanced weather sensors


Weather sensors

Weather sensors, like thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, anemometers, and rain gauges, play a vital role in understanding and predicting atmospheric conditions, enabling accurate forecasts and climate models. Providing early warnings for severe weather events, they are also essential to disaster preparedness.

Our high-performance IoT weather sensors offer real-time meteorological data, enhancing weather forecasting, climate research, and disaster preparedness across industries. Their compact design and seamless integration empower informed decisions, improving meteorological insights and precision.

Enhancing safety with real-time visual data


Live cameras

The use of weather web cameras enhances the monitoring and forecasting of weather conditions by providing real-time visual data. Weathernews' meteorologists use this visual data to validate weather models, track severe weather events, and monitor changes in sky conditions.

Additionally, web cameras are instrumental in documenting extreme weather events, helping researchers study their impact and improve disaster preparedness. Their widespread deployment in urban areas and remote locations ensures comprehensive weather observation, contributing to more accurate and timely weather forecasts that benefit communities, businesses, and emergency services worldwide

Weathernews utilizes a network of commercial web cameras for real-time monitoring, improving forecasting accuracy and transportation safety.

Human expertise

Data needs human understanding to provide the exact value needed at all times. Weathernews has a global network of weather experts to suit you.

Data quality

Explore our unique weather data which is the foundation upon which highly accurate forecasts, critical insights, and informed decisions are built.


Weathernews integrates satellite systems, radars and sensors to provide valuable weather information and accurate data quality across the world.


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